Here For Life - Andrea Zimmerman

Here For Life (Andrea Zimmerman and Adrian Jackson, 2019, 87mins)

In a world and a city framed by finance and loss, ten Londoners make their wild and wayward way, arguing for their own terms of definition as they go: singular lives, nudging towards a co-existence stronger than 'community'. On reclaimed land they find themselves, between two train tracks, on the right side of history, making their own wagers with the present tense and future hopes: with who has stolen what from whom, and how things might be fixed. Hesitant, troubled, open to wonder, bearing their wounds, so they, unruly, stage their lives. It is a heightened, often contradictory rite of passage; finding solidarity in resistance, clear of demands except the right to go on. Sometimes we simply need to hear our stories told by someone else...

Followed by Q&A with Lasse Johansson.