Uppland + A Safer Place- Edward Lawrenson

Uppland- Edward Lawrenson (UK/Ireland, 2018, 30min, Made with Killian Doherty) A Safer Place- Edward Lawrenson (UK, 2021, 18min)


An architect and filmmaker from Europe visit a town in the remote highlands of Liberia, once a thriving mining community, now decaying and desolate: a concrete ruin in the West African bush. Exploring the town, these researchers discover through its buildings a story of the promise of prosperity and forgotten injustices. A film about architecture, about the remnants of colonialism, and the spiritual cost of industrial mining.

A Safer Place

As tourists gather on a beach in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, a scientist explains the devastation that the rains will bring over the summer months. Just a few miles away is the Rohingya refugee camp, the world’s biggest refugee settlement. As the scientist warns of the risk of landslides in the camps, a group of Rohingya women reflect on how to prepare for this imminent disaster.

Followed by Q&A with Sarah Saey.