Workshop // Clumsy Encounters

Andrea Zimmerman and Therese Henningsen
Big Tent
In filmmaking clumsiness is often seen as undesired or something to be instantly overcome.

This workshop will explore how clumsiness may instead be seen as an integral part to our working process, both in the encounter with the person(s) filmed as well as in the form a film may take. Drawing on a range of examples from our own filmic encounters we will engage in a conversation on clumsiness as central to a methodology where the pre-conceived and the unexpected intersect. We will explore how an emphasis on hesitation, awkwardness and not knowing presents both possibilities and challenges: ethically, relationally, formally, and in terms of production structures. The examples shown should be seen as a prompt to share stories and experiences of clumsiness or uncertainty in your own working process, opening up to a group conversation where we work towards a deeper understanding of what such an approach may mean to us.

As artists and friends, we have worked together for many years, blurring the boundaries between filmmaking and life experience. Our dialogue seeks to describe a way of working distinctively respondent to situations, people and places: one that discovers its own process in the making.

We have co-authored texts and support each other in making work. Therese has worked closely with Andrea on most of her films, in particular Here for Life and Estate, a Reverie.

Max 20 participants