Workshop // Therapeutic Workshop (1)

Hady Kamar
Music Room
Therapeutic Workshops using Action Learning Sets. Facilitated by Hady Kamar, psychotherapist and artist. Hady works with trauma.

In these therapeutic workshops Hady will be drawing on active listening and your own lived experience. The aim of the workshops are to explore the personal impact and experience of the participants as well as to help each other find healthy solutions for individual issues and circumstances. It is open to amateurs, students and professionals.

There will be two goals for the workshop using the Action Learning set:

First. To help us identify the impact that issues in doc filmmaking has on the makers, to learn from one another, and to problem solve how to address these specific issues. 

Second. Give each participant an experience of workshopping areas where they feel stuck. In addition, through participating you’ll learn how to conduct an action learning set with groups of peers on your own. Please follow this link for an idea on how action learning sets work.

The workshop will run across two days and 1.5 hours each day.

Day 1

Part 1 - Intros and a general conversation around issues in documentary film makingfor the creator.

Part 2 - Action learning sets

Part 3 - Check outs

Day 2

Part 1 - Brief intro and catch up for those who didn’t attend the first day.

Part 2 - Action learning sets.

Part 3 - Check outs

We invite participants to think ahead of time about an issue they'd like to workshop. If you’re having difficulty thinking of a specific issue then maybe consider the following common themes and try to isolate where your specific issues might fit in:

  • Ethics in doc making e.g.,usage of contributors; personal struggles     with colonial continuity of documentary form; subscribing to an ethical model. 
  • Burnout and maintaining a practice;
  • Sticky situations; 
  • Feeling unsupported by commissioners or tutors.
  • Time, life, and money demands
  • Confidence

If you do not have any issue you’d like workshopped then you are welcome to be present to help others.