Workshop // Transgenerational Trauma

Hady Kamar and Imran Sesay
Music Room
‘As rates of suicide and mental health within the black male community rise, and in light of the current growth of black themed movements getting acknowledged by the world and the UK, I truly believe that this is the time for us as a community to raise our voices and enable a serious conversation to be had on the mental health of black men in the UK and how it influences issues that have happened and are happening in British society’ - Imran Sesay

Imran Sesay talks to Hady Kamar about his documentary ‘Othello’. The documentary showcases the historical nature of mental healthamong black men, an shows an interchanging timeline crossing between past and present to illustrate the generational trauma, and how, along with other factorssuch as sexuality, family expectations and culture, it can contribute to theissues that currently affect black male mental health.