Workshop // Unfinished Journeys

Caroline Deeds
“Thirteen years ago, when I shot these images, I thought the film would begin like this…” This is the first line of narration in João Moreira Salles’ Santiago. A film about Santiago, the filmmaker’s family’s butler, but it is also about failure, about memory, about time and documentary filmmaking.

This workshop examines abandoned films and encourages you to ask what these projects teach us about ourselves and our stories.  Can we find beauty and grace in those films that got lost along the way? Procrastination processes, personal setbacks, and funny hiccups can all shed a light on the raw process of our creativity and bring us back to the pure source of inspiration we believe to have been lost. This workshop is about finding the love again for your film.

Participants will be asked to interact by sharing experiences of the threads that got lost in the making of films never brought to completion, in the attempt to go back to the first seeds of an unfinished journey. Can we consider time passed as a gift? Maybe time is what this idea needed to take a truly original and truthful turn?

Max 20 participants - pen & paper required