Launched in 2011 and dedicated to re-imagining the possibilities of nonfiction filmmaking, we are a grassroots gathering of non-fiction filmmakers and film lovers who have come together to create a space where we can discuss, share and support one another through the creative processes, ethics, politics and well being needed in our field of making, away from industry pressure. Our aim is to empower through dialogue and bring together filmmakers from all walks of life to listen, learn and grow in an environment which is fun, safe and away from the big smoke.
Otherfield film Festival is an annual retreat held over a weekend in the countryside. We screen films in makeshift venues. We put together workshops in barns and fields where the vanguard rub shoulders with the old guard. We combine creative endeavour with critical discourse, with an aim to inspire. We sleep in tents, eat meals together under the summer night skies and share stories around evening bonfires. Otherfield is made up of volunteers, many trying to survive as filmmakers with boring day jobs, who build the screening rooms, dining areas, bonfires and bars in the run up. Over the course of the year, we try our best to find films and think up workshops that we believe will be most helpful and supportive to those trying to carve a path as a non fiction filmmaker.
This year, in addition to our annual gathering, we are branching out into other areas. We will be doing monthly screenings and discussions at Institute of Light, a beautiful cinema space underneath the arches in London Fields. We have also launched two other initiatives in partnership . Co-Pilot Films, a collective film production company based on the principles of Otherfield, sharing expertise and equipment to support the making of independent films, and HomeGrown In Tottenham, a radical education initiative, using the principles of documentary filmmaking to empower young people struggling against the system. Watch this space!